Newsletter #01: 3 Communication Blunders to Avoid in Your Career Suman November 10, 2023

Newsletter #01: 3 Communication Blunders to Avoid in Your Career

In this edition: What to expect | Communication blunders to avoid | My favourite resources on effective communication 

Hey Reader

Welcome to the first edition of my newsletter – Upskill With Suman ???? and I am super excited about this! 

This newsletter will be your weekly pitstop to up-skilling yourself. 

Just so you know – you’ll get only one per week, no more! 

The newsletter will have tips on one communication topic, a resource suggestion that you can check out, freebies from time to time (just for you) and a sneak peak into new things to come.

So let’s dive right in! 


Today, I am going to talk about 3 communication blunders we often commit and how it affects our career trajectory. 

A few years ago, I asked a senior executive in the finance industry one simple question: 

“What early career mistake will you never make again?”

That led to a very insightful conversation! 

And what I walked away with was one BIG lesson that I’ll share with you today! 


From the experience of the finance leader, it was clear that time and again, people fail to do a communication health check as they move ahead in their careers. 

Let’s dive into 3 important ways in which this happens:

Mistake #1: You don’t know your current level

Too often, people don’t know what their current communication level is.

They think their current skills will see them through to the end of their career.

Only to end up with no promotions and progress. 

Instead, it is imperative to know where you stand so that you can make your voice heard, get noticed at work and get the promotions you deserve. 

(Stay tuned for the 3-step process on how you can assess your current skills on your own)

Mistake #2: You don’t invest in improving your skills 

If you aren’t aware of where you are, you wouldn’t know where you are going. 

Just like Google Maps, “I am here” is important even for your communication skills. 

And even if people realise they need the push, they don’t take action for a variety of reasons. 

Either it’s lack of time or inclination. Or it’s simply too expensive! 

But, what’s more expensive? Investing in your skills or losing several hundred $$ in promotions and missed opportunities. 

Mistake #3: You don’t follow through

Building a skill is a slow and consistent process! 

All of us know that we should work out everyday and eat healthy. 

But we still don’t follow through for long enough for the magic to happen. 

Similarly, you might have read books or watched a few videos. 

But the lack of discipline makes up-skilling fall through the gaps. 

You either create a schedule on your own or work with a coach who will keep you accountable. 

Now, you must be thinking – what’s the point highlighting the mistakes unless I address the solutions!! 

Don’t worry! I have got you covered! 

I am going to share the solutions, practice plans, resource downloads, videos – and everything else that can assist you in your journey to become a better communicator! 

Just stay with me week on week! 


The next time you start a presentation, don’t share screen until you have introduced yourself and you really have something to show to the audience. This is pretty key in creating a personal connect with your audience!


I want to share my absolute favourite book on executive presence: Executive Presence by Sylvia Ann Hewlett. This book clearly show show important communication is as a foundation for a great career. 


So what’s coming up in the next edition? Freebiee!! Watch out for the speaking tools that I had promised on Linkedin. 

Combined with the structure frameworks you already have, this can do wonders to your communication! 


It’s your turn – what did you think about this newsletter? What did you like? What can I do better? Is there any topic you’d like me to cover here? This newsletter is for your benefit so your suggestions and comments are welcome! 




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