21 Indianisms you should never use Suman March 25, 2015

21 Indianisms you should never use

Indianisms, also known as Indian English, is a testimony to the power of the people of the Indian subcontinent. We have a quintessential way of making Queen’s English our own. And the world had to give it a unique term.

Though Indianisms are popular, it is not a good idea to use them in formal and business scenarios (Click to tweet this) 

In fact, some of them should never be used!

1. Myself, Lata

2. What is your good name?

3. This coffee is too good

4. I went for a walk like that only

5. Where do you stay? (when people mean ‘live’)

6. I went to see a film

7. Go to the station and catch a train from there.

8. When will you return back?

9. Don’t make me repeat that again.

10. Myself and my wife attended the function.

11. Let’s discuss about the results of your action.

12. My boss is out of station at the moment.

13. Kindly revert back to the mail immediately.

14. I got up late today morning.

15. We are having a meeting in the afternoon.

16. I have sent you the instructions and want you to do the needful.

17.  He passed out from college this year.

18. I will be stuck up in office all day today.

19. Can you please hold the line?

20. Mail me on indianisms@(at the rate of) gmail.com.

21. She is behind me to change my old phone.

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