6 Must Watch Videos On Soft Skills And Communication Suman September 2, 2016

6 Must Watch Videos On Soft Skills And Communication

If you’ve followed my blog somewhat regularly, you’d have seen new videos in the sidebar in the last few months. As the 4th video released this week, I thought it was a good time to also sum it all up on the blog. The videos are based on blog posts I have written before, here or on Linkedin Pulse. And is just another medium to watch videos (in addition to reading posts) and learn tips and tricks to skill building. Here’s a quick summary of all the awesome videos on my Youtube Channel. Read on:

1. 3 blunders to avoid during a networking event

The first video is on networking tips. The post on Linkedin has 6 blunders to avoid during a networking meet. Here are the 3 quick tips the video covers:

1. Don’t keep your hands full of things

2. Not maintaining eye contact (the video tells you how you can miss it)

3. Don’t be a silent spectator

If you wish to know more about what you can do during a networking meet, you can read these 7 tips to for effective networking.

2. How coaching can help you achieve your goals

The second video is a unique one – it has no speaking! – explains the concept of coaching and how it can be a great help in achieving your goals. It covers 5 basic questions that coaching gets you to explore:

To understand how transformational coaching can be, do read what coaching is not and this quick 3 question coaching guide for managers to be able to coach team members in 10 minutes or less.

3. Tips to practice power pose in everyday life

The next video is on the brilliant concept of power pose which is your shortcut to feeling confident in any stressful and demanding situation. I have already shared Amy Cuddy’s amazing TED Talk on this blog. And this video is inspired from Amy’s book, Presence which I read and reviewed too on this blog. The book is an amazing  journey through how the body-mind connection was discovered and research done to back it up.

1. Keep objects away from your desk

2. Take as much space as you can when you sit

3. Imagine yourself with your hands on your waist, expanding your body

The video has more practical tips to make power pose a part of your everyday life so that you feel confident all the time.

4. How to project yourself as a leader

The next one is on being able to project yourself as a leader even when you aren’t one. Top tips include:

1. Look the part

2. Be concise in what you say

3. Use inclusive language with “we” instead of “You”

You can watch the video above and read the related post on how to project yourself as a leader.

5. How to become an effective speaker

The next couple of videos cover speaking skills and tips on how to get better at it. This one has tips on basics like:

1. Prepare

2. Practice

3. Deliver

6. How to use the concept of three for effective communication

This one talks of a specific technique which helps make your communication effective, interesting and memorable. Using the concept of three makes more sense to people, research proves.

Did you notice that I have mentioned only three tips for each of the videos here?

There are a lot of other interesting videos coming up on skills and how to get better at them in the future. You can subscribe to the channel to ensure that you don’t miss any of them. Do leave your comments and tell me what you think about these. Your feedback is welcome and can be used to make the future videos better!