#AskSuman: Answers To Your Skill Related Questions Suman September 24, 2016

#AskSuman: Answers To Your Skill Related Questions

The second session of #AskSuman was as exciting as the first one. This time, the questions revolved more around speaking skills and formal communication. Here are some highlights:

The first question was about my favourite topic- speaking skills

Since this is a pretty broad questions, everything from structure to speech writing to practice and delivery – all aspects are important. You can read more about improving these skills from earlier blog posts – 9 public speaking secrets from the book Talk Like Ted and What we can learn from the world champion of public speaking.

In fact, Soft Skills Studio is coming up with a surprise to help you in this very skill set. Stay tuned!

We then moved on to etiquette in formal communication.

Email writing is so important and yet people get the basics wrong all the time. You should know how to write effective emails. Never treat emails like other chats mediums. Emails are more formal and are recorded on servers. They could be forwarded to clients or used as evidence any time in the future. So make you sure you write them well and take them seriously. Here are a few more  tips:

The question on networking is quite a common one.

Approaching strangers can be intimidating for some people. Start with a friendly face around. Smile and start talking. Don’t jump into your business pitch. A little small talk is fine too. Ask them how’s it been so far. Or if they are from the same city as you. You can also watch this amazing video I made on the blunders to avoid in a networking event:

Here’s an uncommon question on presentation.

And the answer is, no. Make an impact with your speech. Don’t add to things that people will anyways throw away in the dust bin later. You can always email your presentation to people who wish to have a copy.

Another interesting one:

Communication skills is critical for a manager in such situations. Finding out why the team isn’t productive should be the first task. Then decide the strategy – speaking one-to-one or addressing the whole group. Assigning tasks and holding each one responsible could also work.

I just love the different topics we touch upon in these sessions. Those niggling doubts that you had in your mind about things are all cleared! Stay tuned to know when the next session of #AskSuman is coming up. Like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter and stay updated with lots of exciting things coming up!