Video: The Unplugged Series on Soft Skills Studio Suman November 28, 2016

Video: The Unplugged Series on Soft Skills Studio

If you have been following this blog regularly, you’ll know that there have been awesome videos released on my Youtube channel  in the last few months. There have been videos on improving various skills like networking, speaking, leadership among others. But then I also wanted to tell you more about the context in which they fit. And I am proud to present the latest series of videos which is named the Unplugged series.

The unplugged videos are a conversational format series that tell you about Soft Skills Studio – the intention and the passion I have behind starting this venture. And the future that it holds. I bring to you the first video in this post. This one talks about how my 14 years’ of experience in the training industry culminated in the starting of this company. It stands for the freedom of what I want to train in and also to be able to make training available to individuals who are looking for it.

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