The Speaking Wizard: 5 Steps To Become a Confident Speaker Suman January 10, 2017

The Speaking Wizard: 5 Steps To Become a Confident Speaker


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As promised, I am back with the next post on the series on speaking skills. You have already read about what makes 5 important steps to become a confident speaker truly unique because of its personalised and customised nature. In this post, I am going to talk about the 5 steps and what they are. They cover the all aspects of becoming a confident speaker in any situation. Watch out for subsequent posts for details on each step that will be covered during the program.

Let’s begin with 5 important steps to become a confident speaker.

Step 1: How to get started on becoming a confident speaker 

No matter what your current level is, you’ll need to get started somewhere. If you find yourself stuck, probably a good starting point is to figure out your speaking goals. Do you usually make office presentations or speak only in social situations. Next, assess your current level of competence. Which parts of a speech or a presentations make you the most confident and most nervous? What are the skills you want to work upon and improve?

Step 2: How to prepare for an impressive speech

Research your content. Write your speech. Make it interesting. Figure out what will keep your audience engaged. Practice till you become perfect. Each step in the prep stage is important to make that impact

Step 3: 15 brilliant speaking tools to wow your audience

Compare one boring presentation where the speaker goes on and on in a monotone and one where the speaker, say, releases live mosquitoes from a jar to make his point? Which one do you think would be more memorable? (Btw, Bill Gates actually did that at the beginning of his TED talk on Malaria)

Metaphors, analogies, questions, statistics, story telling, humour – there are easily 15 such tools that you can choose from to make your presentations engaging and wow your audience. And no, presentations at the weekly office meetings don’t have to be boring. 

Step 4: How to deliver an impactful and memorable speech

This step is the true touchstone of step 2. The more you practice, the better the impact during the actual speech. From your body language to your voice variety, it is time to mesmerise the audience. Although don’t let unfamiliar equipment mar your presentation. That’s something to think about too!

Step 5: Prepare for different kinds of speeches

There are different speaking situations that we face during our careers. Not all of them are for the same audience. You can be a real pro at speaking when you can stand up and deliver any kind of speech. Be it persuasive, informative or impromptu speech, different ones need some niche skills. Being comfortable with them can only mean success every time you are called upon to speak. 

If you are wondering how on earth will you master all this, there’s good news for you. Soft Skills Studio presents India’s first personalised and customised speaking skills program – 5 important steps to become a confident speaker. It is unique and personal because you can

– Select all or just the steps you need to improve on from the program

– Choose between personal and virtual methods of delivery

– Train with a dedicated coach working exclusively with you

– Intensive and focussed only on areas you want to improve

– Extended practice till you feel confident about

– Activities, handouts, templates and check lists to apply your learning and using them for actual speaking situations

It doesn’t matter which specific step you need to work on, I’ve got the best content and tips to make it work for you! If you wish to take your speaking skills to the next level, drop me a line and I can schedule a free 20 minute discovery session to discuss your needs. 

In the next post, I’ll add more details to step one of the program. To make sure that you don’t miss any of this brilliant content, hit subscribe on the home page.