Reblog: How To Ace Your Next Phone or Skype Interview Suman July 14, 2017

Reblog: How To Ace Your Next Phone or Skype Interview

In today’s super-connected world, appearing for an interview personally is not the only option. We have moved on to more tech versions of it. And it is convenient too – in fact, phone interviews have been around for some time now. Online interviews save time and effort involved in traveling and are convenient for the participating people. So how do we prepare for an interview that is non conventional? Here are a few tips:

Choose a quiet place: Since you need to pay attention to the voice on the call, a quiet place is recommended.

Dress appropriately: Lounging on your couch in your pajamas will never put you in a mood to be your professional best. So even though the interviewer cannot see you, it is a good idea to dress up.

Be on time: In fact, be ready before time. Take time to calm yourself and focus on the interview. Remove any distractions in your immediate physical space.

Speak clearly: On a phone interview, your voice is all you have. It needs to compensate for the absence of body language too. So make sure you enunciate well.

Sit up straight: Yes! Posture matters even on the phone. Power pose is research backed to prove that our body language influences our confidence levels.

Smile: Not unlike your body language, a smile puts you in a better mood and also makes you positive and happy. In the absence of body language on a Skype call, your smile is a great way to make yourself sound confident.

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