13 Things You Can’t Neglect In Placement Interviews

13 Tips to Ace Placement interviews

Placement interviews can be stressful but also interesting times. Facing interviews for the first time should be exciting for anyone.

And there is nothing a little preparation can’t help crack the dreaded placement interviews.

I have put together some relevant tips to help you focus on important areas of preparation. You can also follow my series on placement interviews on Linkedin Pulse.

I’d like to start by helping you with a little fact that can have a huge impact on our preparation.

PRO TIP: Recruiters spend only 6 SECONDS scanning a resume before they decide to select or reject it. 

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5 Things To Do On This Blog


The best of us need to take a break sometimes.

Rather, it is a good idea to take breaks and come back fresh and rejuvenated!

And this is one such break that I’m taking for a few weeks. It’s only a few weeks! By the time, the glow of Diwali lights fade, you’ll see me back in action. And better than ever!

A brand new look of the blog, brand new videos on my channel and brand new posts on the blog! So yeah! Patience is a virtue and good things come in their own time.

There are so many things that you can do while new posts don’t appear on this blog. Here they are:

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7 Posts That Can Transform Your Communication Skills

Hello everyone! My last post was a recap on all the things that have happened on this blog. But with 200+ posts, I thought of making this quick reference guide to the content here. Although the search tab at the end of the home page works great too. Still I decided to pick up the most popular and important posts in useful categories like presentation, coaching, communication, speaking, reading, vocabulary building etc. So spending 10 minutes on this blog post can help you learn a great deal about improving your soft skills and communication.

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5 Tips For Interviewers To Conduct Better Interviews

tips for interviewers

5 tips for interviewers to conduct better interviews

It is a humid afternoon in Mumbai. I am new to the city and find the place where the interviews are going to be conducted. I see a lot of people lined up before me. All of them are filling forms. This is a document which tries to capture all the details of the resume and beyond. And a copy of the resume has to be attached with it. After the laborious essay writing in the specified format, the interviews start. And as expected, the very first question asked is, tell us something about yourself!! Humph! I just wrote an essay about the last 5 generations of my family and attached a copy of my resume that talks about me too. And yet the first question every interview asks is the dumbest!!

At the outset, this blog post is not to deprecate interviewing practices generally followed or label people of the HR community stupid. This post rose from several interview experiences people have shared with me over the years. And more specifically inspired by the experiences of a client I am coaching right now. Which made me realise that some interview practices haven’t changed in a long time to reflect the changing times. I also have some amazing insights about interviews towards the end of this post. These insights prove how little interviews matter in today’s times and yet most of the grilling happens in the interview process.

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10 Quick Tips To Ace A Placement Interview

10 interview tips

The first job is a momentous and memorable event in one’s life. I believe any challenge becomes easier to face with the right preparation and correct information. How many times have we exclaimed in realisation, “I wish someone had told me that before!” Students who have lived through carefree college days find hard to project professional etiquette during their campus interviews. And given the meagre scope of preparing a student for professional life in our academics, there is enough and more to be learnt. 

Here are 10 quick and useful tips for students who are at the threshold of their professional life. These little things are often ignored but make a great impact. God is in the details so we better watch out for them

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Reblog: How To Ace Your Next Phone or Skype Interview

In today’s super-connected world, appearing for an interview personally is not the only option. We have moved on to more tech versions of it. And it is convenient too – in fact, phone interviews have been around for some time now. Online interviews save time and effort involved in traveling and are convenient for the participating people. So how do we prepare for an interview that is non conventional? Here are a few tips:

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