Video: 3 Blunders To Absolutely Avoid In A Resume Suman December 10, 2018

Video: 3 Blunders To Absolutely Avoid In A Resume

It is that time of the year when students are appearing for their placement interviews. It is a nervous yet exciting time of their lives. So I thought of making a video that is so relevant to the interview process – 3 mistakes to avoid in a resume. Before I start with the tips, here is a very important fact you should know:

A recruiter spends on 6 seconds before he or she decides whether your resume belongs to the select pile or the reject pile

Now let’s look at the 3 most common mistakes that resumes suffer from:


Writing 6 responsibilities per project is a bit too much. The recruiter is not going to read so much. Pick up 2 most relevant things for each project and add that to your resume.


Everybody has been a part of societies, conducted research and done projects. But what is the most important thing about your resume? Add descriptions and variety to talk about your experience and your work so that there is something interesting to talk about during the interview.


Remember the 6 second attention span that I mentioned earlier? Make sure that you cut, chop, snip anything that is not relevant and bring it down to a page or a page and a half.

You can learn a lot more tips on successfully cracking the placement interviews through my series on Linkedin.

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3 blunders to avoid in a resume

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