Video: 3 Blunders To Absolutely Avoid In A Resume

It is that time of the year when students are appearing for their placement interviews. It is a nervous yet exciting time of their lives. So I thought of making a video that is so relevant to the interview process – 3 mistakes to avoid in a resume. Before I start with the tips, here is a very important fact you should know:

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13 Things You Can’t Neglect In Placement Interviews

13 Tips to Ace Placement interviews

Placement interviews can be stressful but also interesting times. Facing interviews for the first time should be exciting for anyone.

And there is nothing a little preparation can’t help crack the dreaded placement interviews.

I have put together some relevant tips to help you focus on important areas of preparation. You can also follow my series on placement interviews on Linkedin Pulse.

I’d like to start by helping you with a little fact that can have a huge impact on our preparation.

PRO TIP: Recruiters spend only 6 SECONDS scanning a resume before they decide to select or reject it. 

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10 Quick Tips To Ace A Placement Interview

10 interview tips

The first job is a momentous and memorable event in one’s life. I believe any challenge becomes easier to face with the right preparation and correct information. How many times have we exclaimed in realisation, “I wish someone had told me that before!” Students who have lived through carefree college days find hard to project professional etiquette during their campus interviews. And given the meagre scope of preparing a student for professional life in our academics, there is enough and more to be learnt. 

Here are 10 quick and useful tips for students who are at the threshold of their professional life. These little things are often ignored but make a great impact. God is in the details so we better watch out for them

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11 Sure Shot Ways To Mar Your Chances In An Interview

Waiting for interview

Put your best foot forward in an interview

After months of hard work and labour, you succeed in getting a personal interview call. You wouldn’t want to ruin your chances of making it to the portals of your favourite B-school by doing something stupid. I am sure you have been given a checklist of what all you should do to ensure you glide through your interview successfully. But it’s equally important to know things you should guard yourself against to ensure a smooth sail. Here’s a basic list of things you should avoid like a plague in an interview:

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6 Useful Tips To Write A Great Cover Letter

cover letter

How to write a great cover letter

I recently had a fresh graduate email me his resume to be recommended to someone I know. And to my utter shock, I got a “thank you :)” as a cover letter! Well, anything that accompanies your resume is a cover letter – even if it is just 2 words and a smiley! So understand what a cover letter is and how important it can be in landing you that job.

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