51 super easy ways to improve your communication Suman February 14, 2022

51 super easy ways to improve your communication

  1. Carry a book at all times
  2. Read a page everyday
  3. Mix ebooks and paper backs
  4. Try a free book from Audible
  5. Always leave a book on your nightstand
  6. Watch one TED video on your way to work
  7. Read in supermarket queues
  8. Jump into an impromptu speaking situation at work
  9. Create a video playlist over the weekend
  10. Get a friend to be an accountability partner
  11. Watch Hans Gosling’s amazing TED talk
  12. While reading, underline/highlight words whose meanings you don’t know
  13. Pick one word, look up and write its meaning down
  14. Watch movies with captions on
  15. Read more than one book at a time
  16. Subscribe to a podcast of your choice
  17. Watch the good movies again with captions off
  18. Write down any interesting words/phrases that strike you
  19. Add a second difficult word and its meaning to the one before
  20. Tell someone about an interesting program you watched on a streaming network
  21. Jump into Toastmasters meetings as a fun social activity
  22. Write down a third difficult word and its meaning
  23. Write the synonyms of the last word whose meaning you wrote
  24. Look up and write down the antonyms of the same word
  25. Count the number of words you already knew (you’ll be surprised!)
  26. Watch stand-up comedy
  27. Read for 15 minutes before you go to sleep
  28. Subscribe to a newsletter in the subject that interests you (maybe this one!)
  29. Count from 1-5 before you respond in a stressful situation
  30. Look through the words you wrote in your word list
  31. Read a blog post on improving communication
  32. Add another difficult word and its meaning
  33. Think of a story to start your next presentation
  34. Sing along with your favourite songs
  35. Put your phone away and really listen in a meeting
  36. Free write for 10 minutes everyday to sharpen your writing skills
  37. Always. always read through what you have written before you hit send
  38. Record your part in a meeting and replay for yourself
  39. Ask at least one question to your audience during your work presentation
  40. Recite dialogues from your favourite movie to practice voice modulation
  41. Think of one thing you will do differently in your next presentation
  42. Write a short review for a movie you just watched
  43. Answer a question on Quora
  44. Think of one thing you’d like to change from your last presentation
  45. Do one thing differently in your team meeting this week
  46. Create a reading wish list of books you aspire to read
  47. Reward yourself with something you love every time you finish a book from the list
  48. Ask your friends/colleagues for book recommendations
  49. Tell someone about the podcast you’ve been listening to
  50. Create a video on a passion topic explaining what it is
  51. Try presenting with minimal use of ppts

If this seems like a long list, here is how you can put this to best use:

Pick 3 things that you can easily achieve. For instance, leave a book on your nightstand. Watch a TED Talk. Or read an article online.

And then you work your way to the others.

Here are some additional resources to help you achieve some of these tips:

VIDEO: How to join a Toastmasters club

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