Blog Like Suman: Glimpses Of The 2nd Workshop Suman February 6, 2016

Blog Like Suman: Glimpses Of The 2nd Workshop

Blog Like Suman – the blogging workshop for beginners was held a second time on 30th January, 2016. After it was a success the first time in December 2015, I decided to do it a second time for the benefit of people who missed it the first time. The group was pretty unique even this time – a social media strategist, a florist and a tech person (who runs a web hosting service) were the participants.

One of the best things about workshops and training programs is their unpredictability. Even when the topic of conversation is the same. Unlike the last session, this session had discussions around social media, free basics, the right platform for blogging and authenticity of our online selves. the buzzword for the day, however, was humanised content. Merging you personal and professional personalities so that you come across as a human behind the blog rather than presenter of mechanical facts. Adding a human angle to the stories/blog post is a great learning in any writing workshop.

Hope to see these talented writers blossom into prolific bloggers. Watch out for more sessions on blogging for beginners!