2020: My Year In Review

2020 turned out to be an unprecedented and unexpected year in the recent history of mankind!

Definitely not as bad as some other epidemics in history, and I think we have a lot to be thankful about.

I did end my year with gratitude! Despite being locked down in our homes, we got to spend time with our loved ones – some thing we always complain not having enough of – we learnt to cope with no sources of entertainment or food outside the house, we got to find new ways to stay sane, we have our health, the work from home routine cut down on mindless commute, the pollution levels in the world came down due to that – and we can agree that just this small list makes us look at the positive side of things.

Coming back the round up of the year I had, there were some exciting things that happened.


The year started with much excitement with the launch of Linkedin Local in Powai. Linkedin Local is a great way to get to know your Linkedin connections offline.

The theme for the launch event was “New Beginnings” and we had an expert conduct a session on personal branding.

To know more about the events organised and the themes of each, read here for January and February.

To know how Linkedin Local, Powai is unique, read this.

A collage highlighting Linkedin Local Powai
A collage highlighting Linkedin Local Powai

Duh! who doesn’t know that! After 3 editions of Linkedin Local in Powai, the lockdown put an end to it.

It was quiet initially while we were all making sense of what hit us and wondering what the future holds in store for us!

We came up with coping mechanisms and jumped headlong into the virtual world.

Seminars became webinars, networking events went online, Zoom became a verb! The most common sentences we uttered were – “Can you hear me?” “Can you see me?”


I got to do sessions on personal branding for students, communication skills for entrepreneurs and “tech for non-tech people” with data scientists.

The session on personal branding for Girl Up
The session on personal branding for Girl Up

The session on personal branding for Girl Up, a non-profit organisation saw huge number of people join in. The participants included enthusiastic college students keen on getting a jumpstart on their branding.

Another session for women entrepreneurs of Laja, a community that empowers women, got great reviews and feedback. I covered topics like how to say no, how to project confidence and executive presence and communicate effectively.

Read more on how to build your personal brand 

A series I sessions I conducted for Upgrad were pretty exciting. One of the sessions was communicating tech for non tech people for a group of data scientists. The focus of the session was how can tech people like data scientists, machine learning professionals, programmers communicate with non-tech stakeholders to explain their projects to them.


EdGucation is a series of free skills workshops for professionals – a unique program for that aimed at helping them stay relevant in these times.

The program helps you find your edGe that makes you exclusive among your peers.

If you are a professional working from home for the last 6 months, you are practically invisible!

With changing times, you need to change techniques of personal branding, communicating with the right people and ensure that your work gets noticed!

In times, when organisations are looking at trimming anything that seems excess, including the number of people they employ. 

You have no choice but to differentiate. EdGucation sought to help answer questions like:

– How do you leverage the advantages of being at the office while working from home?

– How do you bond with the right people and make sure your work gets noticed?

– How would you communicate with the right people who are responsible to ensure the heat of firing doesn’t reach you?

You can still find your edge! Schedule a one on one call with me here


I posted some awesome content on the blog and YouTube – mostly centered around virtual communication since we were all trapped within our laptop frames.

Some of the long form posts that did well were:

9 solid tips to become more articulate

9 important tips for a successful webinar

7 essential skills for the VUCA world

How to write a great elevator pitch


Videos on virtual communication did well since they were important for our survival in 2020.

You can watch the series on how to power up your virtual communication here

This is another set of videos on how to effective on camera

To receive new videos right in your inbox, subscribe to my channel here


One of the big things that happened in 2020 is how many people realised the need to improve their skills and put the lockdown to good use.

The USP of my coaching sessions turned out to be customisation. Although there are so many courses and webinars online, working with a coach on your specific areas of improvement is time saving and highly effective.

From a genetic consultant to aspirant corporate trainers to pharma professionals, I had fun coaching a lot of people from the comfort of my home. My clients ranged from Canada to London to a current client in Seattle.

How does this work?

– Discovery call for 20-min to understand your needs

– I’ll create a session plan just for you – a minimum of 3 sessions, 60 minutes each

– The frequency will be once a week

– Home assignments will help you practice and build your skill level

You can learn all about the one on one coaching program I offer, check out the details here

Some of my clients shared their experience

You can also talk to me directly at a convenient time of your choice here

No matter how bad last year was, the only way is to take it on our stride and move ahead!

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