Highlights Reel of 2019 Suman January 6, 2020

Highlights Reel of 2019

Yet another year has come to an end! And it’s time for the highlight reel and also look forward to what’s coming up in 2020.

Quite a few great things happened in 2019.


Executive Presence for Women

I finally launched the executive program presence to coincide with Women’s Day. There was a lot of Women’s Day special content to go with it – for instance, 6 reasons why executive presence is important

The preview session was a huge hit! The views on this Linkedin post went beyond 37000.

The final power pose that personifies confidence

You can read more about it here

There was also a whole series for women in March – useful tips and tricks to succeed in the corporate world as a woman. Here are the highlights

Trainer mentorship Program

I also launched a Trainer Mentorship around April to coach aspiring trainers one to one. I got great reviews for the same since the content is geared towards practical aspects of the profession.

You can learn more details about the program here


There were a few content series that I ran last year.

Video series: Networking skills

One of them was on networking effectively – from getting your pitch right to the blunders to avoid.

Here is a playlist of all the videos.

Placement and interview tips

I also contributed to the hashtag #10days10tips on Linkedin. The first one on placement skills covered tips like introducing oneself, avoiding common mistakes and acing the interview process in general. Access the whole series here.

I also did a video on the errors students generally make on their resume. Watch it here.

How not to introduce yourself in an interview – watch it here

Public speaking tips

After the success of the first series, I decided to do the next one on public speaking – tips to succeed in public speaking from preparation to delivery of your content. Access the whole series here.

Series on Toastmasters

I wound up the year with another video series – how to join Toastmasters and make the most of your membership. The series covers the different skills you can learn through Toastmasters, how to find the right club for you and how to make the most of your membership.

Here’s a post on 11 skills you can learn as a member of a Toastmasters club 


Recruit right, retain right

There were some great events I went to – one of them became the inspiration for launching my own Linkedin Local in Mumbai (More about it in the next post)

Being a panelist in a discussion on the future of softs skills training is an interesting thing to do.

The 2 day conference – Recruit right, retain right was organised by TPS World Learning. The discussions veered around all aspects of employee management – recruiting, training, cultural changes.

Learning was central to the event and audience had almost 50% of the talking time – which is unusual for any conference. The dialogue was 2 way leading to a lot of issues getting addressed during the event itself.

Linkedin Local, Thane

I was so happy living in my online life that around October I realised I hadn’t stepped out and met real people in some time. One of the events, I went to was Linkedin Local, Thane – very ably organised by the host Shweta Ojha. The first anniversary event happened in November 2019 and I had a blast!

A monthly event which has learning and networking wrapped together with a neat bow on it. Looking forward to Linkedin local events becoming a huge success in the future.


A lot of great things happened on Linkedin in 2019. First of all, I was posting regularly on my profile since 2018. But by the end of 2018, I wasn’t really getting the kind of reach I was looking for. I started sharing my problem with people and ran into a mastery class that taught me a lot of thing about Linkedin.

Here are a few things I learnt about Linkedin in 2019:

✅ I learnt to read the dashboard on my profile – profile views, search appearances etc

✅ Commenting on hashtags gets you more profile views than just posting everyday.

✅Consistency is the key – if I had a nickel for every time I heard that ?…..  I posted consistently for 11 months as I applied all my learnings and kept an eye on the numbers. 

✅Add connections proactively – not randomly, but look up designations and keywords relevant to you

✅Learn to understand analytics on your posts


?I know my quarterly profile views went from 310 last December to about 2400+ this December

? I know the number of search results I appeared in and who looked me up

?I got work assignments based on my videos on Linkedin

?Consistency got me 1 lac and 34K views on “Don’t be an office mom” post in a series on #womensday

? I also got 35K views for the executive presence post, 12K views on an HR conference post, 2K views for my Toastmasters post

? My content trended on various hashtags like #networking, #communication #publicspeaking

?I added the fastest 500 followers due to all this – In fact, by December I got almost 200 followers in a week. 

? My YouTube channel crossed 100 subscribers which also meant that I could claim a custom url

Access to Linkedin Live

Linkedin is beta testing the live feature for the platform. And has allowed access to limited people. I was thrilled to get access to this invite-only feature. I did a few live sessions on personal branding, presentation skills and answering skills related questions.

Here is the session on personal branding

While 2019 was a terrific year in general, I am have a lot more useful content and brand new workshops planned. You can stay in touch with me on Linkedin to access the new content I post everyday. You can also email me if you have specific training needs.